Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lacklustre Performances In Strictly Come Dancing China Season 2

After the success of Strictly Come Dancing (SCD) China Season 1 last year, China Hunan TV and Hong Kong's Television Broadcast Ltd (TVB) once again entered into another callaboration to produce Season 2 of the series this year. Strictly Come Dancing China Season 2 paired 20 celebrities (10 guys and 10 girls) with 20 professional dancers in various ballroom, Latin and other genres of dance routines that were adjudicated by a panel of judges and by public votes. Season 2 ran from April 17 to June 18 2008 and was telecast live in China. In an effort to boost its ratings, China enlisted the participation of 1995 World Figure Skating Champion, Chen Lu and 4 entertainment artists from Thailand, South Korea and France. The celebrities from Hong Kong were mainly artistes from TVB. The list of celebrities were:-

China Hunan TV Contestants

Yu Hao Ming

Zhang Jun Ning

Gao Zi Qi

Sira Rattanaphokastit (Thailand)

Lee Seung Hyun (South Korea)

Chen Lu

Niu Meng Meng

Yang Ruo Xi

Anusara Wantongtak (Thailand)

Laetitia Zeppellini (France)

Hong Kong TVB Contestants

Derek Kwok

Timmy Hung

Kevin Cheng

Kenneth Ma

Eddie Kwan

Grace Wong

Nancy Wu

Myolie Wu

Angela Tong

Christine Ng

SCD China Season 2 is currently being shown every Saturday at 9.30 pm over Astro Wa TV Channel 315. During round 1 of the show which was aired on December 13, all the 10 male contestants had to perform a dance each with a professional dancer. The dances that were performed included the cha cha cha, jive, paso doble, waltz, tango, hip hop and jazz. Almost all the male dancers appeared stiff and wooden. They were unable to bring out the character of the dances and many were also out of timing. Several of them did more walking and posing than dancing. Overall their performances were lacklustre and painful to watch. The eventual winners of SCD China Season 2 were Chinese singer Yu Hao Ming partnering Grace Wong (Miss Hong Kong 2007, 1st runner up).

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