Monday, October 20, 2008

Strictly Come Dancing China Season 1 Premiers On Astro

Strictly Come Dancing is a British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) television show which was aired in the United Kingdom in 2004. The show features celebrities partnering professional dancers and competing in ballroom, Latin American and other styles of dancing. During each show the couples will perform a dance before a live audience. The contestants will be judged by a panel of judges as well as from the television audience through their telephone votes. At the end of each show the bottom 2 pairs will face each other in a "dance off" and one pair will be eliminated. Finally at the last show of the season the judges and the television audience would then choose the champions.

The show was a roaring success in the United Kingdom. The popularity of the show could be due to the fact that the audience got to see some really great professional dancers perform and also that a certain percentage of the charges received from the telephone votes were donated to charity. For the Season 4 show which ran from October 7 to December 23 2006, more than 12 million telephone votes were received, raising a total of 1.5 million pounds for Children In Need. The show attracted more than 13 million TV viewers and the competition was won by Mark Ramprakash and Karen Hardy. The dancing greats who have taken part in previous shows included Paul Killick, Matthew Cutler, Hazel Newberry and Hanna Karttunen.

The show Strictly Come Dancing has been syndicated to television stations in many countries around the world. In the USA, Dancing With The Stars which is based on the format of the BBC series is a top rated show. In 2007, China Hunan TV entered into a joint collaboration with Television Broadcast Ltd (TVB) of Hong Kong to produce Strictly Come Dancing. The show for the China edition first season was well received in China and Hong Kong and is now into its second season. One of the two comperes for the first season was well known Hong Kong actress Carol Cheng. The first season of Strictly Come Dancing China is showing on Malaysia Astro WaTV channel 315 every Saturday at 9.00 pm.

Ten popular celebrities each from China and Hong Kong took part in the first season of the show.The celebrities from Hong Kong were Joe Ma, Carlo Ng, Stephen Huynh, Michael Tse, Benjamin Yuen, Sonija Kwok, Sharon Chan, Mandy Cho, Shirley Yeung and Janet Chow. In the first show which was aired over Astro on October 11, the 10 guys from China and Hong Kong got to perform with their dance instructors. Amongst the dances performed were the samba, rumba, paso doble, hip hop and Argentine tango. Their performances were insipid and most of them were unable to portray the character of the dance in their routines. Let us hope the ladies can rise to the ocassion and do better.
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