Friday, December 5, 2008

5th Malaysian International Dance Championship 2009 To Be Held At Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands

A&C Dynamic Dance Studio of Kuala Lumpur will be organizing the 5th Malaysian International Dance Championship 2009. Further information are as follows:-

Date: February 27 & 28, 2009 (Friday & Saturday)

Venue: Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands

Events: Ballroom - Standard & Latin, Hip Hop, Line Dancing, Belly Dancing

Closing date for entries: January 15 2009

Participation: Open to the world

The organizers are expecting more than 1000 competitors from 28 countries to compete in 36 events. The first day of the competition will focus on ballroom standard and Latin dances while on the second day, the attention will be on the other dances like hip hop, line dancing and belly dancing. The highlight of the first day of competition will be the Professional Standard Open and the Professional Latin Open where the top 12 couples will compete in each category. This championship will offer cash prizes for these two categories and is part of the Asian Open Dance Tour 2009.

For the second day of competition, the Inter School Team Match Competition will be the main event. This event will see teams from different dance schools competing amongst themselves. Each team will have to perform a three and a half minute dance routine consisting of a single ballroom dance or a medley of ballroom dances. There is no age limit to this category and each school can send in a maximum of two teams to compete. Judging will be based on choreography, synchronization and expression. This is the first time such an event is being introduced in this competition.

The principals of A&C Dynamic Dance Studio are Alex Lim and his wife and dancing partner, Carmen Chuang. A&C Dynamic Dance Studio presently has 2 dance studios - one in Jalan Pantai Baru, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur and the other at Tropicana Golf & Country Resort in Petaling Jaya. For more information regarding the competition, call 6012-7008016 or 6012-7028016, email or visit Tickets for the competition can be obtained from Axcess Tickets at or 603-77115000.

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Calvyn said...

still have 2 month to go... i need to plan my trip to attend

Anonymous said...

the advertisement say the world top 10 couples are coming to this competition, 5 from standard and 5 from latin..
I afraid it'll like their previous organised championship, they used slavik kryklyvyy to advertise but end up the people bought ticket bcoz of him and slavid didn't turn up..
I think they wouldn't have all top 10 couples coming..

Anonymous said...

hi everyone,

thanks for your commend,

because this year prze money is USD 100, 000 therefore, we are sure that the top 12 couple is here yeah.