Friday, July 4, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2 - Top 12

The show at the Ruums Bar & Club, KL started on cue at 9.30 p.m. The 12 top finalists stepped on to the dance floor and were introduced by the lively host, Aishah Sinclair. Aishah next introduced the panel of judges to the audience. They were the usual threesome of Pat, Judimar and Ramli plus the guest judge, the lovely Manuela Oliviera, a dance choreographer from Australia.

Then it was time for the contestants to show off their stuff. The dances were mainly of the Contemporary and Hip Hop genres. The names of the couples and the dances they had to perform were:-

1) Ray & Cecilia - Contemporary Jazz

2) Black & Farah - Hip Hop

3) Hong & Sarah - Malaysian Contemporary

4) Raymond & Jojo - Hip Hop

5) Sly & Sim - Malaysian Contemporary

6) Belalang & Jorida - Viennese Waltz Contemporary Mix

Most of the contestants performed their dances pretty well. The exception had to be couple number 6 Belalang & Jorida who did a poor rendition of the Viennese Waltz. The judges commented that there was no waltz character in the dance and there was no chemistry between the partners.

My vote for the Best Male Dancer is Black whilst Sim gets my vote for the Best Female Dancer. In this episode they got to perform the dances that they are really good in - Black in Hip Hop and Sim in Contemporary. They were in their elements and gave their all. "Black, you stole the show" and "Sim, your performance is the best tonight" were some of the comments given by the judges to these 2 contestants.

After the contestants had performed their dances, it was time for the judges to pick the Bottom 6. They were Jorida, Belalang, Sarah, Hong, Cecilia and Ray. The lines were then opened for the audience to cast their votes by sms to determine which 2 contestants would be sent home.

While waiting for the votes to come in, host Aishah announced that the contestants would be paired off with different partners for the next round (except for the Bottom 2 in this round). The names of the new couples are:-

1) Sly & Jojo

2) Belalang & Sarah

3) Ray & Farah

4) Raymond & Jorida

5) Hong & Cecilia

6) Black & Sim

After the telephone lines had been closed and the votes tallied, Belalang and Sarah were told that they had been chosen as the Bottom 2. We are now down to the Top 10 from the earlier Top 20. Let's hope to see the contestants "sizzle" on the dance floor in the coming episodes.

Watch out for my new post titled "Dance Like Champions" which will appear on 7th July.

Best Wishes,

Dance Aficionado


Anonymous said...

really dun know wat to say already.. so glad that my name apear in this page...
million million thank!!
next week we will doing 2 routine , hope u like it!!
ps : some surprise for u.. haha , maybe u dun like it , but sure have fun!!!

from: black

Valerie said...

I definitely share your sentiments with Sim being the best female dancer and Black the best male dancer in the competition and was more than estatic that they were being paired up for next week. Can't wait to watch their performance next week. =)

Dance Aficionado said...

Yes, let's hope Black and Sim will "sizzle" on the dance floor in the coming episodes.

Susan said...

Hey Black, I have been supporting you with lots SMS. I think you are the most talented and same for Sim. Good luck and please show us more of you !!! Cc dont deserve to win !! This is not a LATIN compettion, not versatile and creative. Rich family and pretty wil sure win the reality shows !! BLACK and SIM, you both are the winner tonite !!!