Monday, July 7, 2008

Dance Like Champions

In my posting of 16th June 2008 entitled "How A Dance Competition Is Judged", I had talked about the factors that the judges would generally look for in a dance competition. The article was written in response to the comments made to my earlier posts by 3 of the competitors of SYTYCD, namely; Black, Sim and Hong. These 3 competitors had sought my advice on how they can improve their dancing skills and become better dancers. I hope my article had been of help to them.

When Black, Sim and Hong wrote to me, they were then in the Top 18 . Based on my observations on their performance in the earlier rounds, I had predicted that all 3 would make it to the Top 10. I was spot on as all 3 had indeed made it to the Top 10. Congratulations to the 3 of you for a splendid performance. So far you all have danced well except for a couple of minor slips here and there.

The competition is now heating up and is getting to be cut-throat. To be a winner, you will have to stand out from the rest of the crowd in your dance interpretation, showmanship, demeanour, etc. To be a winner, you must look and dance like a champion! In competitive ballroom dancing we talk of the 4 P's - Poise, Posture, Performance & Perfection.

The couple to watch will be Black and Sim. Black is good in Hip Hop whilst Sim's forte is in Contemporary. Both are strong dancers in their own genres. Since they will be partnering each other from now on (and hopefully till the finals), they must learn to dance together and complement each other's strengths. Both will make a great couple but will henceforth, need to put in many long hours of practice in order to achieve perfection. The way to perfection is practise, practise, practise. Like they say - "Practice makes perfect".

I believe that Black and Sim will make it to the Top 4. Well, I am even willing to predict that both or one of them will make it to the final Top 2. Both must however not become complacent and rest on their laurels. I'll be cheering them on in the coming episodes of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2 on 8TV. To Black and Sim - step out on to the dance floor and dance like champions!
Good Luck & Best Wishes,

Dance Aficionado
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Susan said...

CC dont deserve to win. She just know how to shake her ASS and not versatile. Also, rich family off course will win la !! Hey, this is not a LATIN competition. Black and SIm, you are the best, versatile, creative, passionate, style and mengebom !!

Susan said...

I still feel that Black and SIm are still the winners !! No matter what Malaysian have voted CC, you both will go far !!! Especially Black !!!!