Friday, July 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2 - Top 6

July 24 2008

The So You Think You Can Dance competition started on cue at at 9.30 pm at the Ruums Bar & Club, Kuala Lumpur. After the Top 6 finalists had performed the opening dance, the ever bubbly host Aishah Sinclair stepped on to the dance floor to welcome the audience and introduce the judges. Wearing a lovely black dress (black seems to be her favourite colour) Aishah introduced the panel of judges. They were the usual trio of Pat Ibrahim, Judimar Hernandez and Ramli Ibrahim. The guest judge was the renowned dancer, performer and choreographer Aida Redza.

It was then time for the competitors to battle it out on the dance floor. In this episode all the dancers had to do a partner dance in the first round and then perform a solo in the Dance For Survival in the second round.

The names of the couples and the dances they had to perform in the first round were:-

1) Sly & Jojo - Disco Mambo

2) Black & Sim - Argentine Tango

3) Hong & CC - Samba

The dances were well choreographed and all the couples performed commendably. It was really difficult for me to pick the best couple this time.

It was only in the second round that the competitors were able to break away from the constraints of partner dancing to really express themselves. The dances that the competitors had to dance were as follows:-

1) Sly - Hip Hop

2) Hong - Contemporary

3) Black - Hip Hop

4) Jojo - Contemporary

5) CC - Conga

6) Sim - Contemporary

Black was in his elements and shone in the dance that he loves and does best - the Hip Hop. He redeemed himself from his not-too-good performance in the Hip Hop in the previous episode. Dancing to the tune of Sweet Young Thing by Michael Jackson he did some great moves. Wearing a fedora and a white glove ala Wacko Jacko he gave his best performance so far. Unfortunately he did not do a Moon Walk . I would love to see him do a Moon Walk at the Grand Finals next week and hopefully walk away with the prize money of fifty grand Malaysian Ringgit. Ramli remarked that he captured the moment. Aida was so excited that she was lost for words!

Sim also gave a commendable performance and executed some beautiful leaps in the contemporary dance. She is the only dancer in this SYTYCD competition not to have fallen into the Bottom 4 or Bottom 6 during each episode. CC and Hong did pretty well as did Sly who is nifty in Hip Hop. The weakest was Jojo and it does not help that she does not smile much. In dancing it is as much as dancing the steps as it is in expressing the joy of dancing in your moves and facial expressions.

While waiting for the sms vote to come in, the male dancers did a Malay Contemporary dance whilst the girls did a Hip Hop to entertain the crowd. The Top 4 finalists chosen were Black, Hong, Sim and CC. They will be competing in the Grand Finals which will be held on Friday, August 1 at 8.30 pm at the same venue.

The Top 4 finalists of So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2 will be meeting their fans at Sg Wang Plaza, Kuala Lumpur on July 29 from 2-4 pm. Be sure to catch them there.

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Anonymous said...

Great coverage! Keep up the good work!

dar said...

i think in the first round CC & HONG rock the stage!!
then jojo & sly n finally black & sim i don really hv any surprise...
in the solo dance i prefer black in male...and jojo & sim in female...anyway congrate to the top 4...they all made the CHINESE proud!!! yeah!!!

Dancesport Malaysia said...

I'm glad that you enjoy reading my review of SYTYCD. If you like my blog www.dancesportmalaysia.blogspot.comyou can recommend it to your friends. Comments and feedback are always welcomed.

Dance Aficionado

chev said...

I beg to differ about Jojo's solo performance being the weakest. I personally thought that hers was the best amongst the female dancers. Her performance really touched me. But Sim is definitely a much stronger dancer overall. :)