Friday, July 11, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2- Top 10

10th July 2008

With the cry of "Malaysia, give it up for your Top 10", host Aishah Sinclair stepped on to the dance floor of Ruums Bar & Club, Kuala Lumpur to start the show and usher in the dancers. Looking gorgeous in jeans, black shimmering blouse , dark jacket and a new hairstyle to match, Aishah next introduced the panel of judges to the audience. They were the usual team of Pat Ibrahim, Judimar Hernandez and Ramli Ibrahim. The guest judge this time was the lovely actress and dancer, Datin Seri Tiara Jacquelina.

It was then time for the dance couples to show off their stuff. In this round, the 5 couples who are partnering each other for the first time had to perform one dance and then come back again to perform another dance. The names of the couples and the dances they had to perform were:-

1) Raymond & Jorida - Mambo, Pop Rock

2) Sly & Jojo - Hip Hop, Lyrical Waltz

3) Ray & Farah - Salsa, Contemporary

4) Black & Sim - Contemporary, Hip Hop

5) Hong & Cecilia - Contemporary Pop, Rock n' Roll

Black & Sim stole the show and took the judges' breath away. In their first dance which was a contemporary number (with middle eastern influences) they were in their elements and Sim did some sexy shimmies like an exotic belly dancer. Very sensuous indeed. Not to be outshone, Black gave an electrifying performance in the second dance, the Hip Hop. Both their dances were artistic and entertaining and both danced like champions!

The Judges were grinning from ear to ear and bestowed accolades on their performance. Some of the the superlatives heaped on them were "most wonderful performance of the night", "best couple", "best dancers", "the couple to beat", "perfecto".

After the competitors had performed their dances, it was time for the judges to pick the Bottom 6. They were Cecilia, Hong, Ray, Jojo, Jorida and Raymond. It was then time for them to do their Dance For Survival and garner sms votes. While waiting for the sms votes to come in, singer Nita went on to the floor to give a rendition of the song Objection. The ever obliging Pat Ibrahim stepped on to the dance floor and did a dance with Nita while she was singing.

In future episodes, it would be a great idea if we could get the judges like Judimar to do a salsa or Ramli to do a Malay contemporary or Indian classical dance while waiting for the sms votes to come in. I am sure the audience (including yours truly) would love to see them dance and certain that the ratings of 8TV ( would skyrocket!

The 2 competitors who did not make it to the Top 8 were Raymond and Jorida. While they did pretty well in their second dance, the Pop Rock, it was their not-so-good performance in the first dance, the Mambo which let them down.

The Top 8 of So You Think You Can Dance will be meeting their fans in Mahkota Parade, Melaka this Saturday, 12th July from 2 - 4 p.m. Be sure to catch them there and read the very interesting commentary of the next episode of SYTYCD on Dancesport Malaysia.

Best Regards,

Dance Aficionado


Jeremy said...

no offence..
but i think you are a die hard fan of black and sim...
yet you can do a good review towards the competition...
so i hope to see you give comments to other contestant too...
then the viewers can know more about this competition...
well... all the best.. n thx...


Dance Aficionado said...

Thanks for the comments. If you read my previous posts you would have noticed that at each episode I will usually review the Most Promising Couple as well as the Least Promising couple.

Black and Sim had asked for my advise on how they can improve their dancing skills and I have replied to them in my posts. Both have improved tremendously especially in their showmanship. The other couples were merely dancing their routines. They must learn to make their dances more artistic and entertaining.

Thanks again and keep the comments coming in.

dar said...

wat do you think abt
Raymond & Jojo..??
i am curious to noe...haha..

Dance Aficionado said...

Raymond and Jojo are one of the weaker dancers in the competition. Raymond is already out of the Top 8.

Jojo's weakness is that she is not able to fully express the character of the dances that she has performed.

I hope to see her give her best performance in the next episode.