Monday, October 10, 2011

Hip Hop Fun & Thrills

Local television station 8TV organised its second Showdown Street Fest 2011 recently in Petaling Jaya, Selangor at the I Utama Shopping Centre's open car park. Some 8,000 people attended the event which featured performances by the top dance crews of Showdown 2010 and Showdown 2011. Since its premiere, this street dance reality show has garnered a huge following that has taken the show to unexpected heights, breaking viewership records and bagging many awards. Thus, with the aim of giving back to the fans, 8TV held this free street fest so that hip hop enthusiasts get the chance to indulge themselves in street dance culture, meet and greet the Showdown crews and learn a thing or two from the genii of the craft.

The Showdown Street Fest 2011 featured an array of activities including career talks, shopping bazaars as well as performances by local artistes. Street dance gurus Sheena Cruz (of Philippines All Stars); Bboy Zen and Jackson 'Boogie J', along with expert on the mic, MC Vandal; turntable connoisseur DJ Krates; beat dropping maven Shazet and skilled graffiti artist Bone of Phobia Klik edified the tricks of their trade at their specified workshops. Meanwhile Marcus Tucker of the United States shared his thoughts in a career talk titled Hip Hop 4 Life. Referring to the Showdown Street Fest, Tucker said: "This is very educational. All the elements of hip hop are represented here."

Point Blanc, a representative of Malaysia's prominent hip hop group Poetic Ammo also added his input at the festival. Giving an insight into what hip hop was all about from a career perspective, he said: "A lot of the kids wanted to know how I got started and that's one of the things I shared with them." Hip hop enthusiasts were also entertained to the likes of a hip hop fashion show, two-on-two bboy battles, all styles one-on-one battles as well as a star-studded lineup of performances from Sona One, Hunny Madu, Shawn Lee, Nadhira, Shazet, SSK, Arabyd, Nigel Sparks featuring Point Blanc, Showdown 2011 dance troupes and others. (The Sun)

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