Monday, May 16, 2011

KLDA Holds 29th AGM

Some 40-odd members of the Kuala Lumpur Dancers' Association (KLDA) attended its 29th Annual General Meeting (AGM) at Wisma OCM on May 8. The outgoing president, C C Lai, in his address spoke of the many trials and tribulations the KLDA had gone through all these years. He thanked the executive committee for a job well done in working together to overcome the obstacles, and in the effective management of the KLDA.

Lai talked about the many fund raising events held during his tenure. Monies collected from these events were channeled to charity and also to the scholarship fund for youth members of the KLDA. The dance teachers at the KLDA, Dean Craig Kim and Eric Tan See Ming were also praised for their dedication and contribution. In winding up his speech, Lai mentioned the 'legacy' of the KLDA, which he summed up as:

1) Two elegant dance halls in the centre of Kuala Lumpur

2) Available cash fund of RM138,092

3) Good potential for growth

4) Free of encumbrances and liabilities

The following were elected to the executive committee for the 2011/2013 term:-

President - Calvin Ong

Vice President - Joseph Wong

Secretary - Kathy Leong

Vice Secretary - Schlaine Wong

Treasurer - Grace Chan

Vice Treasurer - Jane Ong

Committee Members -

1) Wong Beng Choo

2) Kay Leong

3) Villy Chai

4) Kelly Choo

5) Lee Yip Seng

6) Wilson Chew

7) Tan Wei Nam

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