Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forro Furore At The Dance Space Open Day

The Dance Space recently held an Open Day at its dance studio at F3-2 Plaza Damas, Jalan Sri Hartamas 1, Sri Hartamas, Kuala Lumpur. More than 200 members of the public attended the free dance classes and workshops conducted by some of the best dance instructors in Malaysia. The crowd had fun learning ballroom, Latin American, pole, jazz, tap and belly dance. Lavinie Thiruchelvam, the co-principal of The Dance Space said "We believe in making it easy for the public to get to learn about dance and the various genres. This is what we hope to achieve with each annual Open Day".

Pole dance instructor Lilli Ussaraporn Kossin attracted quite a following not only from the ladies but from the men as well with her deft moves on the pole. Lilli, the winner of the inaugural Clorets Malaysia Amateur Pole Dance Championship 2008 had the audience in awe with her strength and agility as well as some beautiful dance routines. Karen Madrid from Mexico wowed the crowd with her belly dance shimmies. There were also introductory sessions on ballroom, jazz and tap dancing. The public had a great time watching the various dances and trying out the moves.

South African Professional Latin Champion, Grant Baartzes Mandon conducted a workshop on partnering skills in Latin American dancing. "Partnering skills are what will make or break you. You can be the best dancer in the world but without a sense of looking out for your partner, it will be difficult to progress very far", he elaborated. Fernanda Faria and Rodrigo from Brazil showcased the Brazilian Samba and the Forro. "These are authentic Brazilian dances and are always danced by Brazilians when we feel happy" said Fernanda.

Forro is a style of dance popular in North Eastern Brazil as well as a word used to denote the different genres of music. Both are much in evidence during the annual Fiesta Junina (June Festival), an event honoring some of the saints of the Catholic church. Forro is danced with the partners usually very close to each other with the man's left hand holding the woman's right hand, his right arm around her back and her left arm around his neck. In this style, the man's right leg stays in between the woman's legs, called the Rala Coxa or Rubbing Thighs. Like the Cuban Rumba, the Forro is also often considered risque!

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