Friday, November 21, 2008

Party The Night Away At Penang Street Dance Competition & Street Dance Jamboree 2008

Danzity Dance House ( of Penang will be organizing the Penang Street Dance Competition 2008. The details are as follows:-

Dates:- December 20 2008 (Preliminary), December 27 2008 (Final)

Venues:- Preliminary - New World Park, Final - Queensbay Mall

The prizes offered are:-

  • Champion - RM2000 (Cash & Gifts)

    1st Runner Up - RM1500 (Cash & Gifts)

    2nd Runner Up - RM1000 (Cash & Gifts)

    Consolation - 5 X RM100 (Cash & Gifts)

The Rules of the competition are:-

  • 1. Three to six members per team

    2. No offensive or revealing costumes permitted

    3. Maximum 4 minutes on stage for each team

    4. No offensive or foul content in songs selected

    5. No use of cigarettes or drugs permitted in the events premises

    6. Participants are to arrive 1 hour prior to the competition

    7. Competition is only open to non-professional teams

    8. Closing date for registration is November 15 2008

    9. Late entries are subject to approval of organizers

    10. Registration fee RM20 per person. Late registration RM30 per person

The Penang Street Dance Competition 2008 is part of the Penang State I-Dance Campaign 2008 organized by Danzity Dance House. The campaign will showcase dance related programs and activities aimed at creating awareness and promoting interest in dancing as a healthy activity to the youth of Penang. Among the activities promoted are dance classes, workshops, roadshows and performances. The campaign will culminate in a Street Dance Jamboree on December 28 2008 at New World Park. For more information kindly contact Grace (012-4129272), Sean (012-4861699), email: or log on to

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idance said...

hi thanks so much for the support

the final round to this competition will be at QUEENSBAY MALL 27th Dec

idance :)