Friday, June 20, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2 - Top 16

The show on June 19 started off with a group dance performance by the Top 16 finalists. They performed a number which was beautifully choreographed by Ashwar and Yannus. The banner-carrying audience were shouting themselves hoarse and really enjoying themselves.

Ramli Ibrahim was back again to judge the competition together with Pat Ibrahim and Judimar Hernandez. Dance choreographer Yannus Sufandi was invited to be a special guest judge.

The theme for the show was - "A Night At The Movies", whereby the competitors had to performed dances choreographed to songs that were featured in the movies.

The names of the couples and the dances they had to perform were:-

1) Hong & Sarah - Hip Hop

2) Napi & Sim - Cha Cha Cha

3) Belalang & Jorida - Contemporary

4) Sly & Zef - Rock and Roll

5) Ray & Cecilia - Hip Hop

6) Black & Farah - Malaysian Contemporary

7) Raymond & Jojo - Salsa

8) Chee Wei & Sam - Street Jazz

Sad to say, most of the finalists are good in Hip Hop or Contemporary but are generally weak in the other genres. Other than in the Hip Hop and Contemporary, the dancers were unable to express the character of the dances well.

The most outstanding couple was couple number 6, Black & Farah who performed a Malaysian Contemporary dance to the accompaniment of the song aptly titled Senang Tari. They danced with such ease, grace and fluidity. They showed passion in their dance and earned rave reviews from the judges.

There was a tie for the weakest couple - couple number 4, Sly & Zef who did a Rock and Roll and couple number 7, Raymond & Jojo who performed the Salsa.

Sly & Zef had to dance the Rock and Roll to the accompaniment of the song La Bamba. They fumbled and had trouble executing the Lifts and Twirls. Mind you, Zef is not a petite dancer. It is not easy to dance Rock and Roll to La Bamba because there is no Rock and Roll character in this song! The choreographer should have chosen a more catchy tune such as
In The Mood played by Jive Bunny and the Mastermixers. In The Mood was first featured in the 1941 movie Sun Valley Serenade and has since been featured in more than 10 movies!

Raymond & Jojo who danced a watered down version of the Salsa to the accompaniment of the song "Refugio De Amor" were equally disappointing Instead of showing us some slick salsa moves they did more cuddling then dancing. There was no salsa "flavour" in their dance. The choreographer should have chosen a salsa piece with a more upbeat tempo. For competitors who have never danced a particular genre before it would be better for the choreographers to teach them to dance simple basic steps, well, than to dance advance and complicated steps horribly! For these two couples even the judges remarked that there was no character or "essence" in their dances.

The bottom 6 dancers chosen by the judges were Napi, Jojo, Raymond, Zef, Sly and Sarah. They then had to do the customary "Dance For Survival". After the sms votes were received and counted, the 2 dancers who did not make it to the next round were Napi and Zef.

So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) will be organising a series of roadshows throughout Malaysia in the coming weeks whereby you can get to meet the finalists in person. The top 14 finalists of SYTYCD will be in Penang this Saturday, June 21. For more details please check out

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black ng said...

Thank Dance Aficionado.. is me black again , i just feel that so happy because i never think that im in outstanding couple in your website , that is so SURPRISE,really cant imgaine coz this is 1st time i learn Malaysian comtempory , i dun know whether i did gd or not in last nite , but i already ALL OUT!!!seriously , i feel that im not gd enough in M.contempory ,but im sure that i can handle it if i want , next week i will do much better than this week... hope u guys will like it!!!
lastly , million thanks for all the comments...
ps: so fast can see comments here , sure u r put many effort on it! :)

Dancesport Malaysia said...

Dear Black,

You must dance with passion and give it your all.

I'll be expecting another scintillating performance from you this week.

Best Wishes,

Dance Aficionado