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So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia 2 - Top 14

June 26, 2008

The crowd at the Ruums Bar & Club Kuala Lumpur went wild when host Aishah Sinclair went on to the dance floor to start the show. The show started off with the usual group dance performance by the Top 14 finalists. Aishah then introduced the judges to the audience. Besides the usual trio of Pat, Judimar and Ramli; the guest judge this time was Dida Malik, a UITM lecturer and professed "Preserver of the Malaysian Arts".

We are now down to 14 dancers. Sly & Sim are partnering each other for the first time as their previous partners were eliminated in the earlier round. The couples and the dances they had to perform were:-

1) Belalang & Jorida - Hip Hop

2) Black & Farah - Malaysian Contemporary

3) Hong & Sarah - Lyrical Contemporary

4) Sly & Sim - Lyrical Hip Hop

5) Chee Wei & Sam - Contemporary Salsa Fusion

6) Ray & Cecilia - Contemporary Viennese Waltz Mix

7) Raymond & Jojo - Hip Hop

The dancers are generally getting better and have shown much improvement as noticed by the judges. It is getting to be tough picking out the best couple. My vote for the Most Promising Couple goes to couple number 2, Black & Farah who did a Malaysian Comtemporary Dance. They showed passion in their dance and were able to express the joy of dancing in their movements and facial expressions. The judges complimented them for performing a fun, lively and energetic dance. One judge praised them for being one of the best couples in the competition.

The Least Promising Couple had to be couple number 5, Chee Wei & Sam who had to dance a Contemporary Salsa Fusion . They appeared stiff and there was no salsa character or flavour in their performance. The judges remarked that there was no fire, no passion and no synchrony in their dance. Sam should also have worn a sexier and more appropriate salsa dress for this dance.

After all the contestants had performed their dances it was time for the judges to pick the Bottom 6. They were Jorida, Hong, Sarah, Chee Wei, Sam and Raymond. As expected, Chee Wei & Sam didn't make it to the next round.

We seem to be getting an overdose of Hip Hop and Contemporary dances. Let's hope that we will be able to watch different and exciting genres of dances in the coming episodes.

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Dance Aficionado

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Hi, Dance Aficionado

glad to be your favorite couple again!! thank you ur comment, i will keep it up n push my limit until the end of this competiton!!
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