Monday, September 19, 2011

Chan Pui Yi's Glee

If there is one thing Chan Pui Yi (pic) loves to do more than anything, it has to be dancing. Play her some good music and Pui Yi would just dance circles around anyone. The 20-year-old girl simply loves to move. Pui Yi started learning classical ballet at age five, but quit when she turned 11. However, that doesn't mean she stopped dancing altogether. "I did hip hop dancing and cheerleading while in secondary school" says Pui Yi who has picked up several dance genres along the years. She is now into street jazz and contemporary dance and can even do burlesque.

This dancer has appeared on several TV commercials and has performed in local musicals such as Always In Wonderland and Prom The Musical. "I love to dance and am part of a dance group called Awesome. We perform at corporate functions and have even joined several dance competitions," says Pui Yi. Although she is occupied with her dance commitments, Pui Yi stresses that she still allocates time for her studies. Pui Yi is currently pursuing a degree in law and adds that she is also interested in obtaining a diploma in dance someday.

"I love studying law, it is something I wanted to study, and I enjoy it. But I also want to go overseas and get a proper diploma in dance," Pui Yi reveals. She is also very keen to establish herself as a dance choreographer and teacher. "I know that it is quite difficult to establish yourself as a dancer here. That is because very few people appreciate dance and there is no demand for it in Malaysia," she says. Nevertheless, Pui Yi feels that there is hope for one to make it as a dancer in Malaysia in the future. "You can still make it here, I know some people who have done well for themselves as choreographers," she adds. (The Star)

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