Monday, January 10, 2011

Adam Tan Wins International Pole Dance Championship

Adam Tan (pic) 19, has done Malaysia proud by winning the championship title in the Pole Art Men's Category in the International Pole Dance Fitness Championships held in Tokyo, Japan on December 9. Two other Malaysians, namely Samantha Yee and Emily Tan also took part in this competition. Adam, who is also an accomplished hip hop dancer and gymnast, took up pole dancing in 2008 and has been hooked since.

The Pole Art category recognizes originality and creativity in movement to music on the vertical pole. Other categories in in the Tokyo Championship were Pole Fit that recognise technique & skill of pole acrobatics and the Ultimate Pole Champion that demonstrated the best of art & fitness. The Tokyo meet was the world's first international pole dance fitness championship with a men's and disabled category.


Champion (Men): Adam Tan, Malaysia
Runner-up: Derick Pierson, USA
Champion (Women): Zoraya Judd, USA
Runner-up: Giulia Piolanti, Italy

Champion (Men): Chris Measday, Australia
Runner-up: Loic Lebret, France
Champion (Women): Rafaela Montanaro, Brazil
Runner-up: Michelle Hafner, Australia

Men: Duncan West, Australia
Women: Mai Sato, Japan
Disabled: Eri Kamimoto, Japan

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