Sunday, June 21, 2009

Pole Dancers Perform For Charity

Viva Vertical ( recently organized a pole dance competition called "Pole Stars", to promote pole dancing and at the same time raise funds for the Women's Aid Organization and World Wildlife Fund. The organizers of this competition which is open to both female and male pole dancers, hoped to showcase the two popular styles of pole dancing - Fit Pole and Exotic Pole. Preliminary judging was based on video entries submitted online. Of some 50 entries received, 10 contestants - 9 girls and 1 guy were eventually chosen for the finals.

The finals of the competition was held on June 6 at Saigon Bar in One Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. The finalists were required to perform a solo self-choreographed routine. In the Fit Pole category, the champion was Curtney Wee Hooi Shee (picture) who won a RM2000 cash prize plus other prizes worth RM3000. Wee, who hails from Kuala Trengganu has a background in ballet and contemporary Chinese and Malay contemporary dances and took up pole dancing only 3 months ago. The runner up was John Ti Yi Hong who has been pole dancing since July last year.

Kerry Ann Khoo, a professional dancer with Puteri Gunung Ledang - The Musical was adjudged the winner in the Exotic Pole Category. Khoo said she never took any formal pole dance lessons and had to learn to choreograph the routine herself. Second place went to Monique Milan who started pole dancing in February. The guest performer at the event was Fiona-Jane Gomez who was one of the judges of the competition. Gomez, a dance instructor as well as a director of Talent Hub, mesmerized the crowd with her dazzling pole dance performance.

Last year, Clorets organized the 1st Malaysia Amateur Pole Dance Competition. The competition attracted a remarkable 75 entries, out of which 15 contestants: 13 ladies and 2 guys were selected for the finals. Dance instructor Lilli Ussaraporn Kosin emerged as the eventual winner at the finals which was held at Zouk Club Kuala Lumpur on September 15. She bagged a RM5000 cash prize and a one-year gym membership with Celebrity Fitness. It seems there won't be a 2nd Malaysia Amateur Pole Dance Competition this year. Which is such a pity really!

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