Monday, May 4, 2009

Dancesport Malaysia Featured In "The Malay Mail" English Daily

Recently I received an e-mail from Gabey Goh, a reporter with The Malay Mail English daily, asking whether I wished to be interviewed and to allow my web site to be featured in The Malay Mail. I was humbled that someone would find my blog interesting and good enough to be featured in the media. The Malay Mail regularly features blogs which they find to be of interest to their readers. My blog was featured on April 27 2009, and an excerpt of the interview is published below. To view the article, please click on to the image above.

Q How and when did you start to blog?
A I started to blog in May 2008 and receive an average of 3000 hits per month. The figures will rise substantially during the months I write commentaries for the dance competition "So You Think You Can Dance Malaysia" when it is aired on television.

Q What were your reasons?
A Firstly I wanted to help promote dancing in Malaysia. Secondly, I like to write, and blogging was a good avenue to tap the creative juices in me. Thirdly, I wanted to see how much I could earn from the advertisements in my blog.

Q Do you think you have achieved them?
A For the first two points mentioned above - yes. For the third point - a big No. The money I earn from the ads is pittance!

Q What have you achieved through Cyberspace communications?
A I have received comments from friends in Malaysia and visitors from all over the world who say they find my blog interesting, informative and the articles well written. To me, that is already an achievement and reward enough!

Q Any regrets?
A None whatsoever. My blog is a labour of love. I only wish I could have started earlier.

Q Has blogging changed your life?
A I spend too much time at the computer nowadays. Where once I was a computer newbie, I am quite internet-savvy now!

Q The "Blogosphere"; what does it mean to you?
A A world community of bloggers and visitors.

Q Foremost feature in the "Blogosphere" that irritates you?
A Bloggers using foul language in their blogs.

Q Any memorable incidents through blogging?
A The many friends and dance enthusiasts I have known through my blog.

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