Thursday, February 5, 2009

How to Get A Dress That Will Help You Dance Better - (Part 1) By Ballroom Sparkle

Like most people, you don't pose too many requirements on a normal evening gown. The only important thing is that it has to look good on you and maybe shouldn't fall off when you are walking from your car to the party and back. You're happy so long as the dress survives past one or two special occasions. You won't wear it more often than that anyway.

With a competition dress, it's completely different. You spend a large sum of money on the dress to start with. You will be taking it to every competition, putting it on and taking it off hastily, jumping, sweating and wiping your make up with it. And you will still expect to use it at least for one season and to look gorgeous in it whenever you get on the dance floor. Buying a ballroom dress is an important step and you don't want to make mistakes here.

The problem finding the right ballroom dress is that not only does it have to look good on you while you are standing in front of a mirror but it should also help you look great while you are actually dancing. It means that:-

a) The dress shouldn't impede your movements during the dance.

b) It should emphasise all your good sides - your beautiful figure, your dancing techniques and, whenever possible.

c) it should conceal your bad sides (if any) such as figure flaws or weak techniques.

Of course no dress in the world can substitute hard training. However by knowing your technique flaws you can get a dress that will partly disguise them. As a result you will improve the overall impression of your dancing performance. Try choosing the dress that does the opposite and you'll see the difference.

In this article; Maria Chitul, ballroom dress designer will try to summarise common technique flaws and offer suggestions on how to conceal them with the help of a gown.

Weak Hip Movements

Weak hip movements is one of the usual problems among dancers. This flaw can be easily solved by choosing an appropriate skirt. All you have to do is to say "no" to slinky skirts and choose fringe or flounce decorated skirts instead. An A-shaped skirt would create a nice waving impression around your hips/knees, improving the look of your hip movements. Another suggestion is to use some bright decorations on top, and thus drawing the audience's attention from your bottom. However I am not sure you can fool the judges with that! (To be continued...)

This article has been re-published with the kind permission of Ballroom Sparkle of the United States of America. Ballroom Sparkle is a small studio that designs and sells gowns for ballroom competitions, stage performances and dance shows. It is managed by Maria Chitul, a keen ballroom dancer herself. Maria can be contacted at telephone number +1 (813) 990-0921 or email: You can also check out her website at

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Found your dance partner yet? A friend of mine said that finding a male dance partner is a like finding a needle in a hay stack!

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