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Elecoldxhot Wins Gatsby Styling Dance Contest With Stylish Performance

Mandom (M) Sdn Bhd, manufacturer and distributor of the Gatsby range of hair care products in Malaysia recently organized the Gatsby Styling Dance Contest. The finals which was held at Mardi Gras at I Utama Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya on December 14 2008 pitted five finalists vying for the championship title. Last year marked the 30th anniversary of Gatsby, which is owned by Mandom Corporation of Japan. Mandom, in a press statement said that the aim of the contest is to create a new dancing genre of "style dance" in order to support creative activities of young Asians and provide a forum for cultural interaction among young people of various Asian countries and regions.

The five finalists who were chosen through online voting from 15 shortlisted entries were Hard JL, Jansen Lee, Kent Low, the duo of Elecoldxhot, and a trio calling themselves Dynamix. During the first round, the contestants got to perform a dance routine to a song of their own choice. For the second round they had to dance to a randomly selected song. While dancing, the contestants had to showcase elements of hair styling movements with the Gatsby Moving Rubber hair products. The contestants were judged on their dance techniques, originality, humour and hair styling moves.

The judges for the show were Dennis Yip, winner of the Battleground 2007 Competition, choreographer Boojae of Floor Fever, and Charisma Kantaro, a renowned dancer from Japan. The duo of Elecoldxhot who gave a stylish and electrifying performance were adjudged the winners. They walked away with a trophy and a cash prize of RM2000. Elecoldxhot will represent Malaysia in the grand finals which will be held in Tokyo, Japan on February 28 2009 where they will battle it out with six other finalists from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

For this contest, the dancers had to perform routines incorporating hair styling moves. Last year, KFC Malaysia organized a Shuffle Dance competition where the participants had to shuffle while holding a KFC Hotrod (something like a kebab) in one hand. A few years ago, one dairy company held a teh tarik dance contest where the contestants had to dance while pouring tea from mug(s) to mug(s). What will they think of next? Maybe a roti canai (Indian bread) dance competition where the competitors have to dance while kneading, twirling and tossing the roti canai in the air. That would be really entertaining and great for laughs. Malaysia's got talent!

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