Monday, September 29, 2008

The Macarena Still Going Strong

In 1996, a piece of Samba music captured the imagination of the world, reaching the number one position in the popular music charts of many countries around the world. It was called Macarena, and it was sung by several artistes but the favourite version was by a group called Los Del Rio from Spain. The version by Los Del Rio spent 14 weeks at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart and also broke records at that time by remaining in the Top 100 Chart for 60 weeks. The song Macarena has recently been named as the number 5 most popular song in the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.

A special line dance was created for this mega-hit and it became the International Dance Of The Year 1996. In the Macarena, the dancers usually arrange themselves in lines facing front. Everybody starts together and performs the same sequence of moves, one for the first beat of each new bar of music. Start by standing with your feet a little apart and just go with the music.

  1. Extend the right arm, palm down
  2. Extend the left arm, palm down
  3. Turn the right hand, palm up
  4. Turn the left hand, palm up
  5. Move your right hand across to the left shoulder
  6. Move your left hand across to your right shoulder
  7. Place the right hand behind your head
  8. Place the left hand behind your head
  9. Move the right hand across to the front of left hip
  10. Move the left hand across to the front of right hip
  11. Move the right hand on to the back of right hip
  12. Move the left hand on to the back of left hip
  13. Roll your hips to the right
  14. Roll your hips to the left
  15. Clap your hands
  16. Jump, making a quarter turn to the right
Then, simply start again. Due to its simplicity and repetitive choreography, the Macarena became very popular at parties, functions and social gatherings. Whilst its popularity has waned somewhat, the Macarena together with Achy Breaky Heart and Night Fever have remained firm favourites with line dancers. The Macarena is without doubt one of the defining songs and dances of popular culture.

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